February 23, 2024

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Piranha is subject to Halle’s Saale Bulls’ HL-SPORTS

Joerg Nowak (Rostock Piranhas). Photo: Lopeka / Ralph Homburg


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Rostock – Piranhas coach Chris Stanley criticized: “We were very harmless from an offensive standpoint, and we were not steadfast with adequate defense.”

Rostock Ice Hockey Club Piranha lost their match in the Uberliga Nord against Sal Bulls from MEC Hall 04 1: 4 (0: 2, 1: 2, 0: 0) on Wednesday evening at the ice skating rink Chilinjali.

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With the same Sunday formation (2: 4 in Crocodiles Hamburg) – Matthew Pistelli, Sebastian Brockelt, Shawn Morgan and Aaron Bailey still missing – the REC got into the game and slipped somewhat: 0: 1 fell, when in fact, a few survived, “Faulty” Philip Sickle left the penalty area.

After that it was completely open with little Halle team merits. However, piranhas also had chances (Louis Müller / X passed, August von Ungren-Sternberg / XII stopped).

The visitors lead was good, but 2-0 in the first half was a very high goal.

As if to “prove”, Jayden Schubert cut short just twelve seconds after the second half. Now the locals were in the lead, and they had their best stage with chances for von Ungren-Sternberg (25) and Konstantin Koepmann (29), but former REC goalkeeper Jakob Orbisch held out every time. The score was 2–2 deserved.

Instead, Haley responded, and for the second time, Yannick Strebeck who was previously based in Rostock, was the model provider. With a 1: 3 heads down a little bit in Rostockers.

But despite his apparent deficit of 1: 4, Ostseestädter didn’t give up in the last 20 minutes. It’s a shame that they couldn’t take advantage of the extra four minutes. Philip Stubinski hit the bar (54). So I stayed with this result.

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Coach Chris Stanley: “We were harmless offensively and weren’t tough enough to defend. We just don’t take enough shots. We felt the target was 75 percent of the playing time, but if you didn’t shoot, you couldn’t score. With 1: 2 we were good. But after we had met the third goal, we fell into the old situation of not being harmed and we were very far away. “

Another home match continues against Icefighters Leipzig on Friday from 8pm.

Aaron Bailey is no longer on the list

The contract with defense attorney Aaron Bailey was terminated by mutual agreement. Before his injury, he appeared only five times in a piranha shirt and has since left Germany for Canada.

Text: Arne Taron (NNN-Redaktion) / rk / PM