June 17, 2024

Bronze Medal for Ellen Hopley at the Junior World Championships

Bronze Medal for Ellen Hopley at the Junior World Championships

At the beginning of March, the Junior World Championships was held in Canada. Two athletes from Skiclub Gossau started in Switzerland.

The 41st World Junior Championships in Alpine Panorama is history and has gone very well for Gosau Ski Club! Aline Höpli (2001) was allowed to wear a bronze medal in combining Super-G and slalom. After Super-G, Aline was still 24th and improved to third with a strong run. In the slalom, she took a good 14th place.

Sarah Zoller (2002) also showed very good runs in the powerful giant slalom. She was the only Swiss woman to finish a good 15th.

Athletes, coaches and supervisors traveled with about 80 pieces of luggage through Frankfurt to Calgary. From there continue with the rental car to Panorama. Three of them lived in an apartment. They ate meals with the whole team, which especially boosted the team spirit. For the first few days, courses were held in the program to get familiar with the slopes and feel the snow. Even in Canada, the weather was not always so good, it snowed again and again. The races had to be canceled altogether. The temperature on arrival was almost zero, and on departure it was -20 degrees. The program was very narrow.

Sarah even had to undergo doping control. Three and five randomly selected top athletes were screened. Immediately after crossing the finish line, she was taken to a supervised urine sample.

After arriving in Zurich, I lost some luggage. So some athletes had to wait for sleds and luggage because they drove straight to the next races. So this was the first time to wait and see if the next flight would bring the lost piece of luggage.

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Allen and Sarah, Gossau Ski Club are happy and congratulate you on your successes!