Sports in Wartime: Lost Loyalty

Russian football teams It remains excluded from UEFA competitions. This is the result of the CAS International Court of Sports ruling, which was announced on Tuesday. The Court of Arbitration for Sport addressed the question of whether the Russian Football Association’s appeal against UEFA’s exclusion would have a suspensive effect and whether it would allow Russian teams to play again until a decision on the main issue had been made. The Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected this. As announced by the Lausanne arbitral tribunal, the parties were unable to agree on an expedited procedure. No date has been set for the hearing. Regarding the request for temporary legal protection in relation to the exclusion announced by FIFA, the Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced that it will announce a decision “probably by the end of the week”. FIFA had decided to ban Russia from the semi-finals of the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar on March 29 and allow opponents Poland to enter the final without a fight. The football federations of Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden, who reached the semi-finals, had announced earlier that they did not want to play against Russia in light of the Russian attack on Ukraine. FIFA and UEFA announced the suspension of Russian teams on February 28. chwb.

Chelsea fans She is currently under a lot of criticism. After the government froze the belongings of former club owner Roman Abramovich due to his closeness to Vladimir Putin, some supporters chanted his name in protest. Without Abramovich’s billions, Chelsea would not be what they are today – and to some it seems to outweigh the suffering of millions of Ukrainians. This even called the government to action. “But that does not justify this behaviour, and it is wholly inappropriate at this time,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said through a spokesperson for one of them acknowledging the fans’ loyalty to their club. Fans who see the gravity of the situation more clearly are ashamed of the hymns. But not without reason, they also indicate a certain double standard in politics, because for a long time Russian investments in Great Britain were directed largely voluntarily and cashless. Last week, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp asked: “Did anyone care when Roman Abramovich came to Chelsea?” Now we can’t accept them anymore, so we punish them. It’s not Chelsea’s fault.

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