June 14, 2024

Brits are thrilled: Larry the cat at 10 Downing Street puts Fox on a flight

Brits are thrilled: Larry the cat at 10 Downing Street puts Fox on a flight

It remains unclear whether the somewhat new British Prime Minister will actually fill her difficult position completely and, above all, will take the right steps. So far, Liz Truss looks amazing during her first few weeks in office. Larry gets a shout out from Braavos – “Head Mouser” and in this role is responsible for keeping Truss’ office free of rodents.

The UK’s best cats got into a fight with a roaming fox in Downing Street in London after dusk. Larry may not have been physically superior to the wild animals, of which there are now countless in the British capital – even if he looked rather frail. However, as pictures from a surveillance camera show, he took it with a fox. He managed to defeat the opponent, which earned him the most respect on social channels. A work that has a beautiful symbolic effect, not least on a Brexit that in many ways has spiraled out of control.

Right Honorable Larry, the supreme mouse catcher
© (c) AP (Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Larry has lived in 10 Downing Street since 2011 and is the first cat there to be given the official title of Chief Mouser. His hunting skills were already infamous at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home he came from – which got him a job straight away. Larry doesn’t avoid confrontations if necessary: ​​The “rat boss” was often seen competing with Palmerston, his counterpart at the Foreign Office, around the time of the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Larry helps four subordinates in the hierarchy. In footage that could find its way into a future BBC nature documentary, he can now be seen in person following the somewhat emaciated fox as it roams the famous trail. “Fox off!” Aptly titled Sky News, the 60,000 “likes” on Twitter – Larry has his own account there – brought him the posted video. He might have preferred a little more therapy.