June 14, 2024

Schweine Großbritannien

British aid package to pig farmers is hardly helping

The aid package launched in the UK in October appears to have done little to curb the backlog of pig slaughter. The problem is getting worse, the British Pig Association (NPA) director Zoe Davies announced on Monday last week when the Department of Agriculture (DEFRA) extended the support package for the pig sector. The backlog is increasing and the companies’ contingency plans have been exhausted.

Invitation to hold a round table with participants in the supply chain

However, the NPA is convinced that extending the aid measure will help “in some way”. The association invited department head George Eustice to hold a roundtable with all stakeholders involved in the supply chain to discuss constructive and effective ways to get more pigs “through the system”. Davies called for more urgency and greater involvement across the supply chain to deal with this crisis.

The NPA Director also believes that more commitment is needed from DEFRA to ensure that the measures taken do what they are designed for. If there is no improvement, hog production will continue to decline and there will not be enough British pork to meet “still healthy domestic demand,” the NPA chief executive warned.

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