December 4, 2023

Boris Becker is back in coaching

“I can confirm that I am Holger Röhn’s coach,” the three-time Wimbledon champion said.

Boris Becker is back. He returns to the tennis tour as a coach. “I can confirm that I am Holger Röhn’s coach,” the three-time Wimbledon winner told the Eurosport podcast. The 55-year-old revealed that he has been in contact with the 20-year-old Danish star player for a long time. “Now it has worked very well. My calendar allows it, and I have always been interested in Holger because on the tennis court he has a great deal of commitment and temperament.” For him, Rhone, who is ranked sixth in the world, is “a rough diamond that needs polishing.”

Recently, Baker returned to his work as a television analyst after being released from prison for tax offenses in Great Britain last December. As a coach, the former world champion has celebrated success with Novak Djokovic (Serbia), who won 24 Grand Slam titles between 2013 and 2016.

Comparisons with Djokovic

Like Djokovic once, Ron also had emotional outbursts that Becker “loved,” he said. “This is allowed. The coach and the team form an oasis that the player must unleash – if he apologizes afterwards and works with concentration again. I did the same thing at that time as a professional,” Becker said.

Becker said he would for the first time look after the runes at the Swiss Indoors Championships in Basel, which starts on Saturday. Then he wanted to help him qualify for the ATP Finals in Turin through the prestigious tournament in Paris-Bercy: “This is the big goal and this is the mission.”

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