April 13, 2024

Another small harvest of rapeseed - Swiss farmer

Another small harvest of rapeseed – Swiss farmer

In Great Britain, a relatively small crop of rapeseed has again appeared, so, according to the Federation of Oil and Protein Factories Promotion (UFOP), the country is likely to rely on large-scale imports in the current marketing season as well.

As the UFOP announced last week in connection with the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Sales Promotion Organization (AHDB) First Harvest Report, about 9% of Britain’s winter rapeseed areas had been cleared by 27 July.

Rapeseed stocks matured only slowly, delaying threshing. The 2021 crop is so far the second slowest season since 2014. According to the results so far, AHDB puts the average yield at 30 dinars/ha to 34 dinars/ha.

The five-year average is 33 dinars / hectare. Last year, an average of 27 JD/ha of rapeseed was studied. The current estimate of oil content ranges from 43% to 45%. The total area of ​​rapeseed is 317,000 hectares, 17% less than the previous year. Until now, drying procedures were not required for rapeseed due to higher temperatures.

The US Department of Agriculture estimated the rapeseed harvest in the UK last Tuesday (10 August) at 1.08 million tons. This will only be 25,000 tons more than the previous year. Therefore, in 2021/22, with domestic consumption of 1.6 million tons of rapeseed, intensive imports of black oil fruit will be necessary again, which Washington experts estimate at about 700,000 tons.

The level of self-sufficiency in the UK is expected to be only about two-thirds. In 2016/17 and 2018/19, that key figure was still around 100%, UFOP explained with reference to Agrarmarkt Information-GmbH (AMI) accounts.

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