March 3, 2024

Blizzard: Snowfall: Brits stuck in pub for three days partying

Blizzard: Snowfall: Brits stuck in pub for three days partying

At the highest pub in Great Britain, 60 guests with the Oasis Cover Band are stuck after a heavy snowstorm. Worry? It can not really be said.

A sudden blizzard, the song of band Oasis and the UK’s loudest pub: What seem to be the ingredients for a British Christmas comedy has become a reality and has drawn a lot of media attention on the island. Because in the pub “Tan Hill Inn” in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in northern England, about 60 guests have been stuck since Friday due to some form of snow falling during a snowstorm. However, anyone who thinks that this has caused a bad mood is mistaken. “The heater is on. Everything is nice and warm,” Nicola Townsend, the bar manager, said Monday, adding that the guests were “still in a good mood” and had made friends.

The movie-ready story began on Friday evening when the oasis tribute band Nawasis gave a concert at the remote traditional pub. While the partying guests danced in abundance inside and roasted many pints, it was snowing outside. At some point the cars in front of the restaurant were no longer visible and it became clear: no one could get out of here any time soon.

This is what it looked like outside the bar after the storm.

Photo: The Tan Hill Inn / PA Media / dpa

Without further ado, a mattress shop has been set up on the ground floor. When the situation did not improve on Saturday and Sunday either, the staff adapted to the situation and kept the guests happy – with a quiz night, karaoke, board games and watching movies together. You don’t have to worry about food either. They said they had plenty of supplies. And of course beer.

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It was no coincidence that the Tan Hill Inn had been prepared for this situation. Since it is 500 meters above sea level, it snows frequently in the winter months. But this time the circumstances were unusual. Storm Erwin was responsible for a large part of it Great Britain to chaos. Power was cut off in many places, hundreds of trucks broke down, and trains stopped running. In the end, three people died.

In France, those who snowed on the highway sang

parts too From France – About France Because of heavy snowfall. Five French people stuck on a motorway appear to have contracted the virus due to the good mood of their “suffering colleagues” in the British pub and inspired the country with a spontaneously filmed music clip. 57,900 people had already clicked on the dedicated composed song “Tempête de joie – Tempête de neige” (Blizzard – Blizzard) on Monday afternoon, which the five documented their night driving journey with their delivery truck in the snow. Images of long queues of vehicles and clearing vehicles highlighted the melody sang in the choir, which already made it to BFMTV’s television news. The clip was made entirely in the truck itself.

As the storm subsided in Great Britain, temperatures dropped. Forecasts assumed Tuesday night would be the coldest of the season so far, with as low as ten degrees below zero. “Even if you live in a city, you can expect to get sleet, ice or even snow out of your cars,” said British meteorologist Tom Morgan, which is really unusual by British standards.

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The UK’s climate is changing

Mild winters on the island are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. According to experts, climate change is to blame. In 2019, scientists from University College London predicted that the island would have to prepare increasingly for harsh weather conditions in the winter months, with freezing temperatures and snowstorms. This winter could be particularly cold, said Jim Dale, a meteorologist with the UK Met Office. “This snowstorm was the first of many.” The expert justifies this with a particularly mild autumn on the island. “This always results in a counterweight.”

But Dell also has good news: “While the likelihood of snow on Christmas Day increases in the north of the country,” it is also possible that there will be a white Christmas in the rest of the kingdom. Anyway, in the “Tan Hill Inn” you are well prepared for more snow. By the way, now the guests are gradually able to leave the inn: a snowplow managed to get there. (with dpa)