December 10, 2023

ManUnited's Ralf Rangnick: Finally a coach in England - sport

ManUnited’s Ralf Rangnick: Finally a coach in England – sport

Even if Ralf Rangnick was not yet present as United’s new manager in Sunday’s 1-1 draw between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge in London, at least the great German coaching spirit already seemed to float above the match. . Before kick-off, former United captain Gary Neville, now a major critic of his club, tweeted that he felt Rangnick had picked the starting line-up for the record champions because the staff was a “huge departure” from the previous game.

For the first time this season, United have already ceded the starting line-up to Cristiano Ronaldo for tactical reasons. The club had brought Ronaldo back to Manchester in the summer to use in the best matches. After a minute of playing, Neville saw his assumption confirmed when United, contrary to his habit, with several players tried to disrupt the opponent’s building early.

On the other hand, England striker legend Gary Lineker left more time for analysis, which quickly put the expert opinion of his colleague in the queue. “Zero chance” that this would be true, Lineker commanded. In his thesis, he could refer to the fact that after this minute of a storm he urged Manchester to kick (or defend) again as uninspiringly as in the previous season’s matches. That is exactly what is supposed to change immediately under Rangnick’s leadership.

For Rangnick, his school days dream come true

Manchester United announced on Monday what had been public for days following the sacking of club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the previous week: that Rangnick, who had been the club’s independent advisor at Lokomotiv Moscow since July, would join the record-breaking champions immediately. As interim president until the end of the season. In addition to hiring, United have agreed with him to work for two years as a club management consultant, which is not very football savvy. However, it can be assumed that Rangnick, 63, could also be a permanent solution if he makes a similar transformative effect on the team, with Thomas Tuchel immediately managing to win the Champions League at Chelsea.

Ralf Rangnick met Schalke 04 – left with Wayne Rooney – ten years ago in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester United. Now he is in charge of the English record champions.

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A year ago, Rangnick said he turned down a temporary engagement at Chelsea, but now he can no longer resist the temptation to take over one of the world’s biggest football clubs at United – and become the first German coach in the glorious 143-year history of the club. For his native Swabia, to whom England has drawn a special fascination since his stay as students, a lifelong dream came true.

Even if there’s nothing to read about him in the brief club ad. Rangnick was only “excited” about his commitment and announced that he would focus on finishing the season “successfully” for the club. United, who are eighth in the Premier League, are currently twelve points behind leaders Chelsea – and miles behind their expectations of finally winning the title again after 2013.

Ronaldo is said to have raised his nose at Rangnick – but the team welcomes him with open arms

Michael Carrick will continue to sponsor the team until Rangnick is issued a work visa – a necessity since the UK left the European Union. The club’s former midfield strategist previously assisted Solskjaer. Depending on how bureaucratic hurdles are dealt with, Rangnick could take charge of him for the first time in one of the upcoming home games this week against Arsenal FC (Thursday) and Crystal Palace (Sunday) at Old Trafford.

According to reports, director of football John Murtaugh, who had already called him on the day Solskjaer was fired, was particularly strong for his commitment. Murtaug praised his dream candidate, calling him “the most respected coach and innovator” in world football. “Everyone” at the club looks forward to his “invaluable specialist knowledge and leadership qualifications.”

Contrary to Al Jazeera media reports, according to which Ronaldo in particular should have raised his nose at Rangnick, the team welcomes him without exception with open arms. After three years of stagnation under Solskjaer, the pros are eager for a professional who can raise the team’s potential – and on a par with the other great coaches in the league. Because nothing was more opposed to aspiring Manchester United players than in previous duels with title contenders Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea. Obviously, this is also what Gary Neville sees: On Twitter, he flagged the message about Rangnick’s association with a red heart.

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