June 17, 2024

Birmingham City made money from the Bellingham transfer

Jude Bellingham is likely to leave Borussia Dortmund in the coming weeks. Part of the transfer fee will also go to Birmingham.

After three years together, Jude Bellingham and BVB will likely part ways for the new season. The move to Real Madrid is really only a matter of time. Concrete negotiations between the two clubs should accelerate very soon.

When it comes to the transfer fee amount, there will be different expectations at first. According to reports, Real plans to complete the transfer with around €100 million in base fees and other additional payments. On the other hand, Dortmund is likely to insist on at least €120m in fixed payments, apart from other bonuses.

But no matter how high the transfer fee is in the end: part of it will go to England one way or another. Birmingham gained a share of the resale in 2020.

like picture You mentioned, that’s a five percent share. It was in the former too Sports 1 Talk about this part.

What appears at first as a very small percentage may be very tasty for a 17th grader in League Two. If it stays at around €100m, five million of it will go to the second largest state in the UK. At 120 million euros, Birmingham City will be entitled to six million euros.

For an English second-division club, that amount is significantly less than for a German second-division club, but such an extra amount never hurts. BVB will also get around not being able to use a million or two themselves if the transfer fee is in the three million million range.

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