June 16, 2024

China and the United States must find the right path to get along with each other

China and the United States must find the right way to adapt to the new era. Chinese Ambassador to the United States Xie Feng said Wednesday in a keynote address at a welcome event hosted by the US-China Business Council.

Xie said after talking with American friends from all walks of life over the past two weeks, he found that these people’s biggest concern is that China and the United States are sliding into conflict and confrontation.

He urged the US side to respect China’s choice of development path and social system, as well as its core interests and major concerns, noting that the most urgent task is to control the Taiwan issue, which represents the greatest danger.

The Chinese ambassador to the United States said that for the time being, it is necessary to adhere to the one-China principle, act on the three joint communiqués, and resist the provocations of the pro-independence forces in Taiwan.

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