May 22, 2024

Award: American critics chose Sandra Holser as the best actress in entertainment

Awarded for her roles in “Anatomy of a Case” and “Area of ​​Interest”: Sandra Holser. Photo: Annette Riedel/DPA

The German actress was honored by the LAFCA Film Critics Association for her roles in the films “Anatomy of a Case” and “Zone of Interest.” Who else was honored?

LOS ANGELES – German actress Sandra Holser has received the Critics' Choice Award in the United States, increasing her chances of competing for the current trophy.

Holser, 45, was honored by LAFCA (Los Angeles Film Critics Association) on Sunday (local time) for her roles in “Anatomy of a Case” and “Area of ​​Interest.” Along with Holser, Emma Stone was also honored for her leading role in “Poor Things.”

The drama film The Zone of Interest, directed by British director Jonathan Glazer, also won awards for best film, direction and music. The film revolves around the life of concentration camp commandant Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel) and his family. Hülser plays Höß's wife Hedwig.

The legal drama “Anatomy of a Case” by French director Justine Triet won in the Non-English Film and Editing categories. In it, Holser plays a writer accused of murdering her husband in the home they shared.

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Critics' Award winners are often among the Oscar nominees next March. A year ago, the association voted for “Tár” and “Everything Everywhere at Once” as the best films, the latter later winning the Academy Award for Best Picture.