May 22, 2024

Amazon Prime Gaming: Free February Games + Fall Guys, FIFA 21, and more

Amazon Prime Gaming: Free February Games + Fall Guys, FIFA 21, and more

February is around the corner, which means Amazon Prime Gaming members will also have new gaming materials on hand. Here we give you an overview of the free PC games as well as other content drops for the current known titles.

Prime Gaming gives you access to over 30 free games on your PC. In February, the lineup will change a bit and you can look forward to some new additions. These details have now been announced by Amazon.

Starting February 1, 2021, the following five new titles will be available:

  • Table manners – Find your partner in this crazy new physics-based dating simulator!
  • Ghost Bastard Deluxe With Armed with their wits and night vision goggles, players must sneak through a deadly factory aimed at eliminating them.
  • Spanish – In the psychedelic sideboard game, players overcome the physical world and reach their true form.
  • Prom Monster: The Hot Seat Edition – You have three weeks to get a date for a monster party! In ridiculous and funny situations, not only stats can be increased, but classmates can also be seduced.
  • Swimming! In this underwater multiplayer shooter, exciting co-op and 2-player modes await. You can dive together both online and locally.

In addition to the full versions, which this time do not include a very big name, there are also, as usual, exclusive content in the current best songs and movies of various genres. Along with other drops, too GTA OnlineAnd the Red Dead OnlineAnd the Star Wars: SwarmsAnd the Madden NFL 21 or League of Legends You can also expect this time:

Looted FIFA 21 Prime Gaming Package (refundable until March 3, 2021):

  • 1 x 81+ total player selections items
  • 4x rare gold coins

Package for Fall guys (Available until February 15, 2021):

  • Cute Slash Bear Costume
  • 6,500 Kudos, so players can find the best in-game objects faster

Drop to Apex Legends (Refundable until February 17, 2021):

  • Wraith-Knife Queen of Hearts
FIFA 21 – Next Generation Launch Show

FIFA 21 is now also available as a next-generation release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. This has some new features in its bag.