September 29, 2023

Amazon is introducing new services and products to Accelerate retailers

Amazon is introducing a lot of new products and services at the Accelerate Seller Conference that can also be used outside of the marketplace. Among other things, analytics tools, warehouse management software, new initial purchasing features and our parcel service.

At its official seller conference in Seattle, Amazon introduced a number of new products, tools, and services. Many of the innovations introduced this year can also be used by retailers outside of the Amazon world.

Amazon launches AI generator for product listings

with Generative AI tool It should be easier for retailers to create effective and attractive product listings.

New data-driven dashboard and analysis tools make product development and customer behavior analysis easier

Traders can now Access to new analysis tools. The Customer Review Insights tool provides insights into customer behavior by evaluating reviews and returns, so retailers can quickly see which features customers want and which defects or product characteristics trigger returns.

The customer loyalty dashboard aims to help reduce customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value.

The tools will be available simultaneously in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain later this year and will also provide local insights. Japan is expected to follow suit soon.

Buying with Prime expands to include your shopping cart and reviews

Amazon’s ‘Buy-with-Prime’ payment solution for third-party online stores is gaining traction after its recent integration with Shopify More jobs For external traders.

Previously, a single order for a single item was triggered via the ‘Buy with Prime’ button, now there’s also a shopping cart function to bundle multiple items into one order, and free customer service via real-time chat for purchase-with Prime orders.

Retailers can also include Amazon reviews for their items in their store.

Amazon is expanding its App Store and integrating third-party features into Seller Central

Amazon Expands its selling partner Appstore, for which up to three thousand third-party developers are said to currently be offering apps. In the future, Amazon will also make it possible to integrate functionality directly into Seller Central via the App Store.

Amazon unveils an updated and free warehouse management program

Amazon bought Veeqo in 2021, whose software is also used in Amazon fulfillment centers, and is making the software available completely free in the US and UK.

Currently offers channel, shipping and warehouse management solution Many functions to enhance inventory and orders Across all sales channels and warehouse locations as well as the same picking and packing process as in Amazon logistics centers.

Merchants also get discounted terms at UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL and up to 5 percent cash back via a reward system called Veeqo Credits.

Amazon Shipping, Amazon’s parcel service, launches in the USA

In 15 metropolitan areas in the USA Amazon now offers package servicewhich delivers all orders from retailers, including from their online store and logistics center.

Delivery is made within two to five days, including Saturdays and Sundays. Amazon offers weekend delivery at no additional charge.