April 23, 2024

All news and updates in the bar

All news and updates in the bar

MUNICH – There are important decisions to be made in the NFL this Tuesday. The trade window is open until 9:00 PM German time.

Are there any amazing changes in the last day? Are players denied the expected trade for another team? Will the Houston Texans still find a buyer for quarterback Deshaun Watson?

We summarize for you the most important developments and rumors.

+++ The Broncos has exchanged Rookie-CB for Eagles +++

Shortly before the end, the Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles made another trade. Rookie Kary Vincent Jr turns into “Philly”, in return the Broncos will get six rounds in the 2022 draft. That’s what Tom Bellicero, an NFL insider, reports.

Vincent Jr was selected in this year’s seventh-round draft pick from Denver, but he has yet to play an NFL regular-season game.

+++ Bosses send guard Duvernay-Tardif to planes +++

The Kansas City Chiefs trades Laurent DuVernay Tardive for the New York Jets. That reports NFL insider Tom Pellisero. In exchange for the offensive guard, the Chiefs locked Dan Brown from the planes.

Duvernay-Tardif, who has also completed a medical degree including a Ph.D., has decided to withdraw in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, he helped in a hospital in his native Canada. He returned to the Chiefs earlier this season. However, in training camp, he sustained a hand injury and lost his starting position to rookie Trey Smith. Despite his recovery, Duvernay Tardiff was no longer allowed to play for Kansas City.

Brown has had a rather modest career in the NFL so far. In a total of 81 games for the Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears and New York Jets, the tight end hit 44 catches for 420 yards and two touchdowns.

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+++ Colts coach Reich: No scheme to trade in Mack +++

The Indianapolis Colts continue to plan with the return of Marlon Mack. According to his own statement, coach Frank Reich does not expect the 25-year-old to leave. Recently, there have been commercial rumors about the four-way selection for the 2017 draft.

Mac’s contract expires after the current season. This season a total of two million dollars, to extend the contract, running hopes to get a more profitable contract. In Colts, Mack must also be satisfied with the backup role behind Jonathan Taylor. Taylor was drafted by Indianapolis in the second round in 2020.

+++ Deshaun Watson stays with the Houston Texans +++

Despite all the rumors, it appears that Deshaun Watson is still a player for the Houston Texans at least until next season.

According to Ian Rapoport, an NFL insider, interest from other teams has waned completely because the quarterback has yet to resolve his legal dispute. More than 20 women have been charged with sexual harassment against Watson. Recently, several media outlets reported that Watson is seeking out-of-court settlements with the plaintiffs. It seems he hasn’t made the progress he had hoped for.

Recently, the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and Carolina Panthers were named as potential buyers for the 26-year-old.

+++ San Francisco 49ers trade in Omenihu +++

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the San Francisco 49ers boosted their roster shortly before the NFL trade deadline. Accordingly, the Californians signed Charles Ominiho of Houston Texans.

According to Rapoport, the Texans will receive a “pull tow in a later round.” Omenihu was drafted by the Texans in the sixth round in 2018. In a total of 35 games, the defensive end came in at 40 tackles and seven sacks.

+++ Report: Brown will not trade with Odell Beckham Jr. +++

According to “ESPN”, Odell Beckham Jr. is staying with the Cleveland Browns. The franchisee “has no plans to trade” with him. According to the report, there were offers from other teams, but none of them were considered by Brown’s officials.

There have been rumors about the star receiver for weeks. The 28-year-old repeatedly suffered injuries during his time at Cleveland, even when on the field, he couldn’t build on his solid performance with the New York Giants.

In his six games this season, “OBJ” has only had 17 catches for 232 yards. He hasn’t caught the touchdown pass yet.

+++ Ingram has traded with bosses +++

that was quick! After Melvin reported Ingram to the Stellers that he was unhappy in Pittsburgh and preferred a trade, the team granted him this wish: Ingram traded with the Kansas City chiefs, according to NFL’s Ian Rapoport.

The Steelers get six rounds in return. This season, demand for Ingram has only been sporadic in Pittsburgh. The 32-year-old has earned nine tackles and one bag in six tackles.

During his time with the Chargers, Ingram was a top performer and was elected to the Pro Bowl three times, among other things. The Chiefs hope the outside full-back can build on this time and strengthen their faltering defence.

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+++ Ingram wants to leave the Steelers +++

The snooty Melvin Ingram signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers in July, but he’d actually like to leave the team.

According to “NFL Network,” Ingram is unhappy with his shot count and can’t understand why he had to let Alex Highsmith and TJ Watt go first.

The Steelers must already be messing about the trade. Pirates, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Chiefs have been named as possible targets.

Ingram has received one sack and ten tackles in six games this season.

+++ Ramez catches Miller +++

The first leading change occurred one day before the trade deadline. The Los Angeles Rams confirmed their great ambitions and signed Von Miller of the Denver Broncos.

In exchange for the former Super Bowl MVP, the Broncos will get a second and third round in the upcoming draft. In addition, the Rams is helping Denver financially, paying nine of the $9.7 million due this season for Pass Rusher.

Commenting on his trade, Miller said, “Super Bowl 50 will be ours forever. When I saw the pictures on their way out, I shed tears.”

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