March 2, 2024

"You are not the sun"

“You are not the sun”

8:20 am

Wolff on Alonso: “You are not the sun”

It’s no secret that Fernando Alonso has repeatedly tried over the past few years to find a job with Mercedes. As is known, that never happened. In a conversation with the Daily Mail Toto Wolff now lets out that this has something to do with the Spaniard’s position.

“Fernando Alonso is undoubtedly one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time. It is disappointing for the sport that they have not won more than two titles. But you have to know that you are only part of the solar system. You are not the sun,” explains Wolff.

The Austrian continues: “Some pilots give bad advice. They are the focus of the media and they are starting to think they are the Sun. But you are not – none of us. We are satellites. We are the planets that orbit.” He seems to be missing that humble attitude in Alonso.

11:46 am

What would the World Cup look like under the old points system

We once asked ourselves what the Formula 1 World Cup would look like in 2021 if the points were still awarded today according to the old key 10-6-4-3-2-1 from the 1990s – and converted. In the drivers’ championship, Verstappen was 110 points ahead of Hamilton with 95 points.

Exciting: his lead equates to 1.5 race wins (15 points), so to speak, while according to the current key he is a half-victory (12 points) ahead of Hamilton. Also interesting: with the constructors, it won’t be Mercedes but Red Bull with 148:145 points ahead.

Things like sprints or the fastest laps, for which points were not previously awarded, are not taken into account.

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Perez dreams of a world title

This year the Mexican plays the water carrier for Max Verstappen at Red Bull. But it shouldn’t stay that way in 2022. “I want to be a world champion,” Perez said. Quoted from “”. “It’s my dream and I think I can achieve it next year,” Perez said. “That’s why I’m here.”

In the short term, his goal now is to win at home in Mexico. And he reveals: “I have always had great support,” explaining that his country “deserves” the victory. “I hope to win on Sunday,” Perez said. In the history of Formula 1, no Mexican has ever won a home race.

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Wolff: Mexico ‘not necessarily our strongest path’

“The previous race in Texas was further evidence of how fiercely competitive this season has been,” Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff explains ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix at the weekend, and recalls: “Red Bull have done well there in the recent past and they have not. There is necessarily our strongest path.”

“But this year anything is possible and the tracks you’ve been weaker on so far have suddenly become your strengths and vice versa. This creates a little bit of uncertainty in preparing for the race weekend, which leads to more excitement,” he said. Wolff, der just wants to watch “from race to race” in the World Championship battle.

Red Bull has won two of the last three races in Mexico. In the last edition so far in 2019, Hamilton was on top.

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All the best!

Congratulations to Mattia Binotto, who celebrates his 52nd birthday today. Let’s see if the Ferrari coach gets a good result at the weekend in Mexico. After the last two races in the battle for third place in the world championship, the Scuderia is just 3.5 points behind McLaren. After Russia was still lagging 17.5 points.

For the first time since Zandvoort, Ferrari could climb back into P3 this weekend.

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Apopos Adelaide…

Senna’s great rival Alain Prost was not present in the 1991 final. Ferrari had fired the Frenchman before the last race for his public criticism of the car. He was replaced by Gianni Morbidelli, who also scored his first World Championship point with P6 – or half a point. Thinking of this photo series right away!

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New leather for Grosjean

As it was announced, the former Formula 1 driver underwent another skin grafting procedure. You will likely see the result in a few days. For now, he still has to wear a bandage. The Frenchman recently revealed that his left hand “will never return to perfection”. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that his further recovery will at least go as good as possible!

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special helmet

In Austin, about half of the field has recently competed with a special helmet design. And in Mexico at least, local champion Sergio Perez will compete with a special helmet of the national colors. Let’s see who will follow suit in the next few days. But you definitely love the Checo design!

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Massa: Alonso is the old man again!

We will be with Alonso for a moment at the beginning of the day. His ex-Ferrari teammate Felipe Massa has in “as” Specifically, he commented on the Spaniard’s comeback and explained: “In the first few races it was a little difficult for him. But now he is the competitive Fernando we know again.”

“He doesn’t have a car to win races. But he does a very good job. He’s fast, consistent and makes a show for all the fans,” Massa says, reminding him, “You need a good car to be able to win. The level between the drivers hardly varies. The car makes the biggest difference.” “

There are no best possible results in Alpine 2021.

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sleep again…

…then it’s media day again! Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live tape. The teams and drivers are already in Mexico, but we’ll have to wait another day before the GP officially begins with Media Day. Here in the tape we give you of course the latest news from Mexico & Co.!

Robin Carpenter He accompanies you again during the day and if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints you can use our contact form as usual. You can also find us at Facebook social networking siteAnd TwitterAnd Instagram And YoutubeAnd, if you have any questions, you can also use the Twitter hashtag #FragMST. here we are!

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