June 24, 2024

According to Ukraine, the ears reveal duplication

According to Ukraine, the ears reveal duplication

According to the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service, Vladimir Putin have different ears. But this may be due to plastic surgery and Botox.


The basics in brief

  • Vladimir Putin should use double.
  • According to the head of Ukrainian intelligence, this can be recognized by the ears.
  • Behavior and size are not identical either.

According to rumors and reports Insiders say that Vladimir Putin’s health is not good. He is said to have dementia or Parkinson’s cancer Suffers. That’s why there is always speculation that the head of the Kremlin Double uses.

Kirillo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, made this assumption last July. At that time he said that Vladimir Putin has weakness on his face Send a meeting in Tehran. This can be seen from the fact that he acted more lively, attentive and faster.

Budanov is now revealing other evidence on Ukrainian television aimed at distinguishing the real Putin from the copy: there are, for example, ears that look different upon closer examination in some of the photos. “Ears are like a fingerprint, each person’s ears are unique, they don’t repeat.”

However, the British Sun offers explanations for why the ears can look different in old photos: they continue to grow and droop more with age. In addition, they can Plastic surgery and Botox Changing ears.

In addition to ears and behavior, Vladimir Putin and his wife also differ in size. Budanov: “Sometimes you can see different body sizes if you look closely.”

But the “Sun” has an explanation for this: Vladimir Putin, whose height is 1.70 meters, is smaller than the average Russian and also many politicians. That is why the head of the Kremlin tends to wear shoes with small heels.

Do you think Putin is using doubling?

According to his own statement, Vladimir Putin himself rejected the idea of ​​doubling down. It is not known if anything has changed in the meantime.

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