April 25, 2024

U-Bahn in Madrid - Keinen kümmerts: Arzt bemerkt Mann mit Affenpocken

Now the man “monkey pox” is resisting from the subway

The man who rode the subway in Madrid with monkeypox vehemently denied he had the disease. The story is fictional and the doctor is a liar.


The basics in brief

  • An alleged doctor posted a photo of a monkeypox infection in the Madrid subway.
  • The recording and story sparked a worldwide outcry.
  • Now the person in question tells about himself and says: The story is fictional.

The weekend is over Twitter Post a picture of the manwho apparently full of monkeypox yoRailroad He drove in Madrid (Spain). The excitement was great and soon the story spread far and wide.

Now the person in question has spoken out and flatly denied the presentation: “I did No monkey pox. Also, I’m not in anyone’s metro Physician been eaten.”

Alleged doctor scammer?

Photo was taken by Twitter– Share a user named Arturo Henrique. He testified that the man contracted monkeypox “at the height of the infection,” which was riddled with blisters from head to toe. as such Physician He is well aware of that.

Henrique also claimed to have spoken to the stranger. But it was an indifferent reaction. Just like the other passengers who would have shrugged their shoulders.

The picture shows neurofibromatosis

The man with pimples is now complaining in the Spanish newspaper “20 Minutos” that the whole story was made up. In fact, he suffers from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disease that causes tumor-like lesions in his limbs. Visible growths are tumors that will always come back, but they are not contagious.

He used to be asked about his legs by the people involved. He patiently explains his illness to everyone. “That is why I can say with certainty that I have never met this so-called before Physician he Said.”

Do you believe everything that is on the Internet?

In addition, the recording time is also wrong. alleged Physician He wanted to take the picture in the morning. But this is impossible, because he took the first train.

Arturo Henrique, who gave several interviews in the Spanish media about the story, did not comment on the allegations. His Twitter profile has been offline since Tuesday.

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