June 14, 2024

In Switzerland it gets cold at the weekend

In Switzerland it gets cold at the weekend

Switzerland has the next heat wave behind it. The weather changes on the weekend. Temperatures drop below 30 degrees in most places.


The basics in brief

  • The weekend begins with clouds, and partly raining.
  • Sunday weather will be mostly sunny.
  • Temperatures drop sharply.

Switzerland sweating Also this week with temperatures over 30 degrees! This is over for the time being tonight.

It gets cooler in many places on Friday. This change in weather continues until Saturday night.

“There will be a cold front, it will rain in many places and it will be more cheerful Temperatures fetches “reports”SRF weather». The start of the weekend is overcast in many places, still humid in some places.

The weather only gets better as the day progresses. “In the West and in Valais the sun rises for a long time,” she says.SRF weather». However, it may rain in the afternoon, especially over the mountains.”

The temperature in the north will be a maximum of 25 degrees on Saturday. Only in the south is it still hot with maximum temperatures of 33 degrees.

Happy with temperatures dropping below 30 degrees on the weekend?

Sunday weather will be mostly sunny. But again, there may be heavy rain. Maximum temperatures range between 26 and 29 degrees.

Sunny weather next week

Next week is expected to be sunny. There is only occasional rain or Thunder Storm.

The hottest days year according toSRF weather‘Maybe behind. Temperatures are not expected to rise above 30 degrees next week.

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