December 4, 2023

Abortion via video chat | 1000 plus

Italian La Stampa newspaper She stated that “only” seventy doctors performed abortions in Bavaria. Women who do not live in Munich, but in the surrounding area, in Lower Bavaria, Upper Palatinate or Swabia, now have the opportunity to have a medical abortion through video consultation and medical support. A pilot project in Berlin from Pro Familia is behind this campaign.

The pilot project was created due to the pandemic and is based on a study from the United Kingdom in which 30,000 abortions were performed using “telemedicine” and 22,000 medical abortions “in the presence” of a doctor. “The procedure is just as safe as a personal visit,” explains Jana Meiffert, one of the founders of the project, which received about 140 requests for long-distance abortion in 2021, half of them from Bavaria. Doctors are no longer trained in this, and home abortions are illegal in Bavaria.

Abortion through Telemedicine It involves an initial online chat with a nurse who only asks practical questions. Then, after legal advice, women must submit documents, ultrasound photos, and proof of insurance. Three days later, abortion pills and painkillers arrive in the mail.

Finally, the doctor joins via video to check everything and monitor the first dose. The woman takes the second medication herself after 48 hours. The doctor is always there, but in case of complications, the woman must go to the hospital.

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