March 2, 2024

Abortion rule: the stars are terrified

Abortion rule: the stars are terrified

According to a new ruling in the United States, people can lose the right to have an abortion. The stars were amazed.

The US Supreme Court struck down the country’s abortion law on Friday. The Supreme Court stated that six of the nine justices voted in favor of the decision. This means that individual states now have the option to ban abortions. Read more about the ruling here.

Reactions from the public are not long in coming, many celebrities have commented on Twitter and Instagram since the change in the law became known.

“Loss and Disappointment”

“We all know someone. We all have a relative, friend, or partner who has had this problem. It’s a huge step backwards for the United States,” says “Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse, criticizing recent events. Model Hailey Bieber is also “silent”: “What a great loss and disappointment, it really is really scary.”

Actress Kiki Palmer expressed her lack of understanding for the judge’s decision in a tweet. “There are a lot of things to flip that make sense. But you settled on this?” Actress Alyssa Milano is convinced: “It’s a sad day for America.” You can find more reactions from the world of celebrities listed here: