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On stage he is the god of show, and at home is her lover.

After the huge success of the movie “Wetten, dass..?” (13.8 million viewers), Thomas Gottschalk (71) received kisses and hugs from his partner Karina Mroß (59). Plus “400 cell phone text messages and 100 calls from friends and colleagues,” the artist told BILD.

“Despite this success, Thomas does not fly high. He is satisfied with himself and is happy that he was able to please his fans. After breakfast, he went during our trip to America,” Karina exclaimed enthusiastically.

The couple flies to Gottschalk’s Sons at the weekend. Karina radiates: “To me, Thomas is a kind of avatar. A character with heart, charm, wit, and the greatest go-between in Germany. As soon as we arrive at the hotel, he flips the switch and instantly returns to my Thomas again. I’m so proud of him for being like that. I love him for that reason.” .”

Thomas Gottschalk after his visit to the hairdresser

Photo: Thomas Gottschalk

Gottschalk’s got a new hairstyle since Sunday. “I really like him with his short hair. He looks cute and young,” says Kareena.

After breakfast on Sunday, the hairstylist cut Thomas’ natural curls. “Doing your hair takes a lot of work,” he said.

And what happens to the show suit now? He wants to wear the dark red and gold dress, made by “Dolce & Gabbana” (estimate: €15,000) in Italy, “of course also in everyday life”.

A custom-made suit costs around 15,000 euros.  What is the meaning of hearts and coats of arms on

A custom-made suit costs around 15,000 euros. What is the meaning of hearts and coats of arms on a Dolce & Gabbana suit, Mr. Gottschalk? “No. I told them in Italy: sew on everything you have.”

Photo: ZDF/Saschau Baumann

Thomas: “My tax advisor once asked the tax office if I could deduct theatrical suits from taxes. The answer was: No, Gottschalk always wears such cool things.”

Artist: “I’ve been doing it ever since and I wear every suit” Wetten, dass..? “.

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