June 23, 2024

Abortion in the United States: This Means Historic Decision - News

Abortion in the United States: This Means Historic Decision – News

What has changed now?

subordinate Supreme court Not rated. The 1973 ruling was a mistake – according to the court, the right to personal liberty does not include the right to an abortion. after 49 years “Roe vs. Wade” So abolished. As a result, it is now automatically up to individual US states themselves to what extent they allow abortion. The “March for Life” anti-abortion movement celebrated the move under the slogan “Life Wins”.

What does this mean for women in the United States who want an abortion?

It sure is getting more difficult. Some strictly conservative countries such as Alabama, Oklahoma or Kentucky In response, they immediately passed laws banning abortion in general – and the first clinics had already had to close. Other countries are likely to follow suit. There are also some countries that are going in the opposite direction and would like or have already done so to legalize abortion rights.

Can you travel to another country for an abortion?

In principle yes – but this is not an option for everyone involved. Firstly, such a trip costs money, and secondly, some women like to keep their pregnancy a secret, which is rare on such a trip. And third, clinics in liberal states are likely to have significant scheduling problems. There are even individual politicians who threaten themselves to criminalize these trips. So aid organizations fear that women are now resorting to illegal and often unhealthy abortions.

Why did you make this decision now?

Among other things, this has to do with the way the US Supreme Court operates. Unlike in Germany, judges there are usually appointed for life. If a member of the Court resigns, the incumbent president appoints a successor.

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During Donald Trump’s tenure, three of the nine members resigned, allowing Trump to fill the court with more conservative candidates. This made this decision now possible. Actress Patricia Arquette called the current six conservative judges “fanatics” and accused them of power games.

How was the reaction here in Germany?

There is a lot of criticism of the US decision – which came on the day Germany also made a historic decision on abortion rights. However, this went the other way: Section 219a of the Criminal Code was repealed, giving doctors more opportunities to provide information on abortions with immediate effect. Green leader Ricarda Lang wrote on Twitter that women’s rights must be fought for again.