June 21, 2024

Upper Austrian foreigners enjoyed a rooftop reception in Linz

Upper Austrian foreigners enjoyed a rooftop reception in Linz

Upper Austria / Linz. Over 100 citizens of Upper Austria living abroad have been invited by the network “International Upper Austria – Upper Austria Abroad” in the state of Upper Austria to attend the summer festival at the Linz Castle Museum.

The summer festival was attended by citizens from 24 countries: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Israel, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Russia and from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, China, the Philippines and Panama Namibia, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Upper Austria’s global standing

International relations are people-driven and must go beyond the institutional level. This is particularly evident in the international OÖ network. Our members represent cosmopolitan Upper Austria and are valuable ambassadors for our country – our traditions and values ​​in the world,” confirmed Governor Thomas Stilzer at the Summer Festival at Linz Castle.

big network

With nearly 900 members in more than 100 countries, Upper Austria enjoys good relations at the international level. The spectrum ranges from development aid to sports, and from business to culture and science. Founded in 2007, the “Upper Austria International – Upper Austrians Abroad” network has welcomed over 100 newcomers to the network since last summer’s festival in 2019. Those who live abroad often feel very close to home. “We keep in good contact with our compatriots abroad via the Upper Austria international network. Because our international network is a major success factor in the globalized world,” says Stelzer.

For a special home holiday, there was a visit to the “Nature” exhibition at the Linz Castle Museum as a prior program for guests.