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MAS aims to “continue civil work” at Kabul airport

According to Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the federal government is currently talking with the United States and Turkey about Whether the airport in Kabul can continue to operate as a civilian. You are also in contact with the Taliban. Maas says the US has not yet made a decision to operate the airport after August 31.

Federal governments are currently making various efforts to enable those in need of protection to leave Afghanistan after the end of the US mission. The German government is currently in talks with India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan so that they can take in refugees leaving the country by land. 100 million euros have been made available for this purpose.

In addition, German embassies there can issue visas to people in a non-bureaucratic manner, To enable those in need of protection to continue their journey to Germany. There should also be programs for people from civil society that provide scholarships and preventive accommodation in Germany.

It is currently unclear whether the Taliban will accept such plans. They threatened the US with consequences if it did not finish its evacuation flights from Kabul airport by August 31. (Tea spoon, Reuters)

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