A couple “Let’s Dance” respond to rumors of separation in a clear way

Massimo Senato and Rebecca Meir are back on Earth for the “Let’s Dance” tour 2019: they met each other on the show ten years ago.Photo: www.imago-images.de / Christoph Hardt

Did Massimo Senato and Rebecca Meir break up the dream couple from RTL’s Let’s Dance? This question has been bothering fans of the two for a while. Under the posts of the professional dancer and presenter on Instagram, rumors of a possible love affair of the couple have recently accumulated in the comment columns.

The rumors arose because the last photo of Rebecca Meir and Massimo Senato was a few weeks ago. But now the fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

New Couple Picture – Fans Can Breathe Easy

Because since Saturday there has been a new photo, a holiday photo. The professional dancer shared it on his Instagram account. They both radiate into the camera and are clearly enjoying the sun. Simply written “Holiday” by Massimo Senato.

And this post resonates with his Instagram community. Many wish both of them a pleasant and relaxing holiday and accumulate hearts under this position.

Rebecca Meir gives insight into a Sicilian vacation

Rebecca Mir also shares some holiday impressions on her Instagram profile. In addition, it not only showcases the beautiful landscapes of Sicily in Italy, where the couple seem to spend their holidays. It also posts a picture of Massimo in front of an old chapel in Sicily.

Holiday photo from Rebecca Meir's Instagram story.

Holiday photo from Rebecca Meir’s Instagram story.Photo: Instagram / screenshot / rebeccamir

She also shares a video of the pair’s shadow wandering around Italy holding each other’s hands.

With that, Rebecca Meir and Massimo Senato should have removed the rumors from the road.

The couple have known each other for ten years

The couple has known each other for ten years. They met on “Let’s Dance” in 2012, where Massimo Senato works as a professional dancer. Model and presenter Rebecca Meir was asked to be his dance partner. They fell in love while filming the show, so the former dancing couple became lovers.

A few years later, in 2015, the two got married and in 2021 they became parents of a son.

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