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Rare footage: Justin Timberlake shows his children

Rare footage: Justin Timberlake shows his children

Updated 06/20/2022 07:19

  • Justin Timberlake shared a rare photo of his sons to celebrate Father’s Day.
  • But he is not alone in that.
  • Other stars also spoke on Instagram on the day of honor.

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Justin Timberlake shared a cute photo of his sons on Instagram just in time for Father’s Day, which is celebrated in the United States on June 19 this year. “My two favorite tunes. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!” Comment on the shot that shows Silas and Phineas sitting in a chair in front of a piano with their backs to the camera. Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel rarely show their children on social media.

The two have been a couple since 2007. A romantic wedding in Italy followed in 2012 and eldest son Silas was born in 2015. The famous couple then secretly welcomed their youngest son Phineas during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bruce Willis, Kirk Douglas and Co. are celebrated. on Instagram

He also reported to many other stars of Honor’s Day on Instagram. Like Timberlake, they either looked back on their paternity or celebrated their dads on Instagram. “You are the coolest of my friends ever,” Talula Willis wrote of her father, Bruce Willis. She also published a series of photos of her famous father.

Michael Douglas paid homage to his late father Kirk Douglas (1916-2020) in a post. Commenting on an old joint photo, the actor wrote: “You will always be an inspiration. I miss you dad!”

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John Travolta said of himself in a post, “It’s such an honor to be a father. I love you both baby.” He also posted clips with his children.

Diane Kruger posts a snapshot of her daughter

Mothers have spoken up, too, like Diane Kruger. She posted a shot with her daughter from the garden and at a table with a cake on it.

“Happy Father’s Day,” star-actor and associated partner Norman Reedus wrote.

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Often referred to as Mini Mario. Indeed, Roma Gotze is similar to the spitting image of his famous father, Mario Gotze. Gotze’s offspring just celebrated their birthday. For Honor’s Day, Mama Ann Katherine shared photos of her offspring – and the little one grew a little bit bigger. (Image credit: imago images/VISTAPRESS/G. Chlebarov)