October 3, 2023

Lola Webert was crying in bed

Lola Webert was crying in bed

Presenter Lola Webert talks about her endometriosis. She is dealing with severe pain.Photo: Instagram / screenshot / lolaweippert

Presenter Lola Weippert regularly takes her fans via Instagram during their daily lives. The beautiful aspects of her life often appear, reports from sobriety projects or trips. But even with the not-so-nice things in her life, she honestly takes her community with her.

Lula Webert is currently in Portugal. Two new seasons of the reality show “Seduction Island” are being filmed there, and she is in front of the camera as a moderator.

Endometriosis forces Lola Webert to sleep

Five weeks of sun, beach, pool on the doorstep, outdoor sports – Lola Weippert shares her sunny daily life on Instagram while filming and keeps her communities informed with photos and stories. In the Portuguese region of the Algarve, you have a good time in all respects. At least that’s what you might think – but on Friday she’ll get out of bed.

An unusual place for the announcer, who otherwise cannot sit still and always has something to do.

But her endometriosis is forcing her to rest. She admitted on her Instagram story:

“Quick reality check: I can’t.”

Lola Webert

Lola Webert will get out of bed on Friday.

Lola Webert will get out of bed on Friday.Photo: Instagram / screenshot / lolaweippert

You can clearly see that it is not working well. Lola Webert began, “I’d love to work all day, as we had already planned, but this endometriosis…”.

“It’s so unfair, it hurts so bad.”, she completes. She was only standing in the kitchen, but her stomach had become so narrow that she had to sit on the floor and tilt her upper body forward. “It’s not working, I just got out.”

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Try humor

About two hours later, she called her fans again. She seems to be feeling a little better now that she gets out of bed and is back outside in the sun. Regarding the previous situation, she is initially very humorous.

“I have now decided not to cry anymore.”, says Lola Weippert in her Instagram story. She went on to say that Lenny from her department found her in bed. She tells her, “Lola, you are not a victim,” Lola Webert reports and laughs. She replied: Yes, I am a small plant. Then she had to cry. “It’s so crazy how the hormones are affected when I get my period,” she explains.

Lola Weippert reported again about two hours later on her Instagram story.

Lola Weippert reported again about two hours later on her Instagram story.Photo: Instagram / screenshot / lolaweippert

Soon I got serious again. “Then this endometriosis number, it’s not really funny”Emphasizes. You try to take it with humor, but unfortunately that doesn’t always work out. You write about the story because the pain is really intense.

Lola Webert addresses other patients

She thinks it’s really obvious how poorly researched the disease has been so far. It also targets all people who also have endometriosis:

“To all my endo girls, we fight together, okay?”

Lola Webert

“We all stand behind each other, together and try to give each other strength,” she says.

She also writes about her Instagram story: “I am sending you a lot of strength, we will overcome this together!”

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