June 24, 2024

Blaise Matuidi gründete einen Tech-Investmentfonds.

90 Plus | Kante and Jiro are supporters: Matuidi establishes technology investment funds for athletes

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news | Blaise Matuidi is no longer a major player at Inter Miami. Therefore, he devoted himself to other activities and found the support of his prominent former colleagues.

Matuidi & Co. want to use the financial power to grow new companies

Blaise Matuidi (34) He moved from Juventus to Inter Miami in the summer of 2020. After two average seasons, he moved to the second row despite the current contract and will not play there again. The 2018 world champion used his spare time by setting up a technology investment fund for athletes.

Win for the project N’Golo Kanti (30) and Olivier Giroud (35) companions. The trio will combine their financial power and social media influence to help new businesses grow.

Matuidi You want to show the players that they have great opportunities off the field. “When I see athletes here in the United States, I think they have something different from European athletes and the difference is that they know the business. They are experts in their field, but they are also very focused on other things in life, especially business.” Explained in a conversation with guardians.

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The Frenchman made the comparison: “I think there are only a few players who are extroverted, but a lot of them focus only on sports. I understand that because we were born this way. In the academy, people say, ‘I just have to focus on football.’ It’s different here at The United States, because when the athletes go to college, they go with the engineers and the electricians, and they are all together.”

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That’s why he ended up with the technology mutual fund, called assetswas established. On the other hand, he left his sports future open.

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