June 21, 2024

Emer won the silver medal at the World Heptagon Championships

Emer won the silver medal at the World Heptagon Championships

Multilevel Simon Emer scores a score at the World Indoor Championships. At the age of 22, Appenzeller won his first medal in an elite senior event, finishing second in the heptathlon.

On the second day, the man from Appenzler was particularly impressed with the pole vault. In his so-called quivering system – last winter he ruined everything twice by zero – the 22-year-old did his best in the heptathlon with 5.10m.

Ehammer set a home record in three majors over the two days. On Friday he set a record in the 60m (6.72) and in the high jump (2.02), on Saturday he followed with a club. Combined with 8.04m in the long jump, 14.23m in shooting, 7.75sec over 60m hurdles and 2:53m over 1000m, this resulted in the Swiss record of 6,363 points.

This brand is so good that even Olympic champion Damien Warner had to shiver for gold. The man from Canada even got into a defensive position after 4.90m in the pole vault and was two seconds behind the Swiss before the final 1000m. But Warner easily made up for this handicap. He completed a thousand 14 seconds faster than his opponent. In the last calculation he got 6,489 points.

Emmer finally turned his potential into something that could be counted in a major elite event. First of all, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench in the works. The impressive results in summer 2020 – with 8,231 points in the decathlon, the 20-year-old was just 13 points short of the Swiss record – did not count towards the selection for matches in Tokyo because the qualifying period has been suspended. Reasons for equal opportunity.

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Last winter, Emer broke the highest score twice by zero in the pole vault. In the sixth discipline he also took the silver medal at the European Indoor Championships in Torun. “In Belgrade, I am particularly proud of my performance in the high jump and the pole vault. I have shown that I am an Ehammer once again,” he said.

Under Ehammer, Andri Oberholzer also provided strong competition. In the end, the man from Thurgau came in fifth and raised his record to 6,099 points.