March 2, 2024

5G conspiracy theory: 77 UK mobile towers set on fire

Ollie Scarfe/AFP via Getty Images

A conspiracy theory linking 5G technology to the coronavirus is fueling a series of arson attacks on mobile phone towers in the UK.

The first incidents occurred at the beginning of April, and so far 77 masts have been set on fire.

Even cell phone company employees were attacked. According to the BT boss, one of them will be treated in hospital after being attacked with a knife.

A conspiracy theory that 5G technology is to blame for the coronavirus outbreak has led to arson attacks on more than 70 mobile phone towers in the UK.

This theory was already gaining more and more interest there at the end of March and beginning of April – at the same time as the number of infections was increasing and the lockdown was beginning. But there have actually been conspiracy theories surrounding phone radiation for years.

The panic-mongering and alleged link between 5G technology and the coronavirus are suspected to have directly contributed to arson attacks on mobile communications infrastructure.

There are still regular attacks on telephone poles

On April 15, Mobile UK, an organization representing mobile phone service providers in Britain, It was confirmed to Business InsiderAbout 50 cell towers were attacked throughout the Kingdom. Most of them don’t even support 5G.

On Wednesday, Mobile UK told Business Insider that number had risen to 77. At least the pace of attacks is slowing. “Daily attacks only occur sporadically. However, they have not stopped completely yet.”

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Arson at a 5G phone mast in Huddersfield

A telephone pole is under attack. Source: OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

But it seems 5G conspiracy theorists aren’t just attacking cellphone towers. Philip Janssen, head of British telecommunications company BT, says an employee was violently attacked while maintaining the network infrastructure.

“There were 40 incidents in which people physically or verbally assaulted our employees. The engineers could have been hit by a car if they had not swerved at the last minute. One engineer had to be treated in hospital after being attacked with a knife,” Janssen said. on April 21 in a YouTube video.

Conspiracy theory: 5G is supposed to lower the immune system

The bosses of four British mobile phone companies condemn the attacks. “Theories circulating about 5G are baseless and not based on reliable scientific evidence,” Mobile UK told Business Insider in April. Mobile network operators are keen to keep Britain connected, and even careless talk could cause untold damage. Continued attacks on mobile communications infrastructure are putting human lives at risk. At this difficult time, vital sectors in the UK must be able to focus all efforts on tackling the pandemic.

Conspiracy theories surrounding 5G technology have spread on social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, despite all attempts to contain this spread. A branch of the theory claims that 5G accelerates the spread of the virus by lowering the body’s immune system. Meanwhile, the coronavirus itself is a fiction that serves to cover up the damage caused by 5G. Both claims are false.

You can read a more in-depth look at the theory here. (English)

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