May 22, 2024

5:7 loss in World Cup final – Swiss curlers beaten by Canada – Sport

  • Switzerland's World Cup dominance comes to an end: In a thrilling final, Silvana Trinzoni and co. They lost to Canada 5:7.
  • Switzerland is in control of the game for 4 ends but after that Canada takes control of the game.
  • The Swiss have always won the last four World Championships.

The Swiss curlers' incredible World Cup streak came to an end in Sydney (CAN) on Sunday evening. After four consecutive World Championship titles, skip Silvana Trinzoni's team lost 5:7 to the Canadians led by Rachel Homan in a thrilling final. That means for once the CC Aarau team will have to settle for “only” a silver medal.

Alina Potts decided not to play her last stone in the 10th end. The situation at home seemed very hopeless. The Swiss would have to hit 2 stones to save themselves in the extra end. So the Canadians were allowed to cheer. They withstood the pressure in front of their expectant home fans and beat Switzerland again after the round robin (8:5). At the same time, it was the first World Cup gold won by Canadian women since 2018.

Homan's Wonder Stone brings the breakthrough

The game started well for Switzerland. Tirinzoni and Co. While they managed to write home two men in the 2nd and 4th ends, Canada had to be content with one stone each in the 1st and 3rd ends. But in the 5th end, Pätz's last attempt didn't go as planned and Canada managed to tie the game 4:4.

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As the game progressed, the Swiss no longer looked very confident, while Canada really turned up the heat. The ultimately decisive 9th result represented this: a missed stone from Trinzoni put Switzerland in a difficult situation, which Potts was unable to rectify.

Canadian Skip Homan reaped the maximum rewards from this situation with his last stone: with a fantastic last effort, he brought home 2 of his own stones, scoring 3 points and turning 4:5 into 7:5. In the end, the Swiss played very precisely to put pressure on them again.

Even stronger Swiss competition

Although Tirinzoni, Pätz, Carole Howald and Selina Witschonke were denied the final coup, the quartet could still look back on a strong competition. Despite two (unusual) defeats in the round robin, the team qualified directly for the semi-finals and defeated Italy with a convincing performance. Looking at the whole tournament, the 2023 European champions had the best results.

Bronze for South Korea

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The minor final between Italy and South Korea was decided with the last stone in the 10th over. Thanks to a remarkable double takeout, Jim Yoon-ji avoided the bronze medal for the Asians. In the end, South Korea's score was 6:3.