September 30, 2023

1. FC Kaiserslautern: Schuster looking for star attacking competition Boyd | sports

1. FC Kaiserslautern returned to Pitz.

After training camp in the USA, coach Dirk Schuster (55) sent the pros home: “We took the weekend off because of jet lag, time, etc. Now we’ve made up for performance diagnostics. It didn’t work out before.”

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Source: AELTC via SNTV

On the first unit home, linebacker Eric Durm (31) was the tallest on the field.

Followed by a long Tuesday morning session, and the pro sports medical in the afternoon.

So Schuster is only getting his players’ scores now. “In America we are trained to feel,” he says, laughing. “It’s hard, as always.”

Sure, time is running out.

Because the schedule is tough: St. Pauli comes first. Then to Schalke. Schuster: “We have to be fit. An ambitious starter programme.”

The team is not complete yet. Schuster: “We’re trying to improve our quality. We also need more clarity about the six who win duels while staying in position and playing clean ball.”

An attacker is required for this. Schuster: “We want to create a competitive position for Terrence Boyd.”

Terrence Boyd (R) duel with Minnesota football player Will Trapp

Terrence Boyd (R) duel with Minnesota football player Will Trapp

Photo: Abbie Parr/AP

It will not be easy, because many clubs want offensive reinforcements. Instructor: “When you fish in the pool, there are six more fishing hooks with bait.”

After all: Kaiserslautern manager Thomas Henegen has come up with a good fish so far …

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