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13.11.2021 – 19:39

CGTN Think Tank, World Laureats Association (WLA), National Communication Center for Science and Technology, CAST

Shanghai (@ots/PRNewswire)

What would the conversation between two different groups – Generation Z and the older generations – look like? The think tank CGTN, the World Laureates Association (WLA), and the National Communications Center for Science and Technology (CAST) tried to find out at an event that recently brought together representatives from these groups. Under the title “Dialogues between Global Prize Winners and Generation Z”, world-renowned scholars from various fields and promising and influential young scientists of Generation Z gathered to explore the role of humanity in the age of science. Among the attendees were past winners of the Wolf Prize, Fields Medal, and Turing Prize, where they exchanged ideas with famous Chinese Internet influencers.

Topics covered include the role of curiosity in academic work, interdisciplinary research, and the role of journalism in educating the public. The panellists agreed that curiosity is of great importance in advancing scientific research. John Hopcroft, winner of the 1986 A.M. Turing Prize, noted that “curiosity is a fundamental driving force in science,” and Professor Richard Zarey, Wolff Laureate in Chemistry, stated that “a sense of amazement and curiosity” for science is more important than talent. CGTN journalist Li Jingjing added that “in journalism, one has to be curious about people and the environment” to succeed.

As for interdisciplinary research, it was agreed that the best scientific research in the future would come primarily from interdisciplinary efforts. One of the participants, Hu Xu, a professor in the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University, whose research includes nanoscience, materials science and biology, provided initial evidence of this burgeoning trend.

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How ideas and communication between Generation Z and older generations can flow for the benefit of all is revealed as Kid the Cold, a popular Chinese internet influencer, and a flood of questions to Harvard Science Professor Robert Kirshner and the winner are revealed. The 2015 Wolf Prize for Physics, which comes from his followers on social media. This event provided a unique platform to bring these different groups together.

CGTN Think Tank, [email protected]