June 14, 2024

Project Bergamot: Neuer Übersetzungsdienst für Firefox kann getestet werden

You can test the new translation service for Firefox. Windows

I have already written on our blog about the Bergamot project, funded by the European Union, in which Mozilla is working with universities from Great Britain, Estonia and the Czech Republic on a new translation service without a cloud connection. A few months ago, the developers showed great progress on the project. Since version 0.3 of the Firefox extension, interested users can now learn about the capabilities of the compiler, provided they have Firefox Nightly installed.

For now, Project Bergamot allows Spanish translations <-> English and Estonian <-> English as well as from English to German, although the opposite method, unlike Estonian and Spanish, does not work here yet. Additionally, the 124MB expansion is currently still very difficult and setup is not a trifle at the moment, because some of the switches around: Configuration must be turned on. For more information, I refer you to the blog article by Sören Hentzschel, linked below the post. Basically, you shouldn’t take the test unless you know what you’re doing.

The focus is currently entirely on Firefox’s native integration, but in the additional course, Project Bergamot will also be made available to other browsers via the appropriate extensions. Then other browsers like Microsoft Edge or Vivaldi can also take advantage of the new translator.

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