June 20, 2024

Outrider veröffentlichen Marvels Avengers Dwarves • Eurogamer.net

Outrider veröffentlichen Marvels Avengers Dwarves • Eurogamer.net

The Outriders got off to a huge start, despite technical problems hindering the start.

The People Can Fly shooter hit over 100,000 players simultaneously on Steam, where it is currently the best-selling game at £ 49.99.

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In comparison, Marvel’s The Avengers from Square Enix had the highest concurrent player record of 28,145 players on Steam when it launched in September. Currently, an average of 1000 players are playing simultaneously in the last 30 days.

No doubt Square Enix would be delighted with the Outriders’ early success, but it wasn’t all easy. The game suffered from server issues This week it’s been tough to log in at times – and even kick out single players mid-game.

There are also crashes issues and People Can Fly had to turn off automatic syncing between PC and console due to sync issues. Co-play will not be reactivated this weekend. Square Enix said.

Work is underway to improve server stability and I was able to play non-stop this morning – even though logging in takes a while.

Outriders has been on and off since its launch on April 1st and 4th I decided to stick with it After rinse the demonstration.

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