June 17, 2024

Whoopi Goldberg fordert eine Entschuldigung von der britischen Königsfamilie. Foto: lev radin/Shutterstock.com

Years of repression by India: Colonial era: Wooby Goldberg apologizes to royal family – Panorama

Wooby Goldberg apologizes to the British royal family. Photo: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Wooby Goldberg apologizes for involvement of the royal family during the colonial period. The presenter said that Britain has been oppressing India for years.

Hopi Goldberg (66) is an actress and presenter In the latest edition of his TV talk show “The View” kept the British royal family at their pace. The Oscar winner was critical of the royal family’s involvement in the colonial era and slavery. Goldberg said in an interview with his colleagues that Britain had been oppressing India for years. “Don’t forget that all of these people have to apologize.”

Protests during the Caribbean voyage of Prince William (39) and Duchess Gate (40) set the stage for the debate. Hundreds of protesters in Belize and Jamaica apologized for compensation and slavery during the royal visit. Activists in Jamaica have been pushing for the removal of Queen Elizabeth II, 95, from the post of head of state of the Caribbean state, which recently took place in Barbados.

Prince William spoke of “abominable” slavery in his speech

Goldberg’s “The View” colleague Sunny Hostin, 53, added: “The British call this trip a fascinating attack and they should do it. The British, especially the royal families, rarely talk about the history of their slavery. They got their wealth: on the backs of black people. ” In a speech to Barbados in late 2021, Prince Charles, 73, acknowledged that the “atrocities of slavery” had been acknowledged by Hobby Goldberg. On November 30, the Caribbean state seceded from the British government and was declared a republic on its Independence Day.

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In a speech in Jamaica on Wednesday, Prince William also commented on slavery: he described it as “disgusting” and expressed his “deep sadness”. However, he and his father have not officially apologized.