May 18, 2024

Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship – Switzerland bravely defeats Canada

Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships – Switzerland bravely defeats Canada – Sports – SRF

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Canadian Marie-Philip Poulin has the upper hand over Janine Hauser, who is lying on the floor.

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  • The Swiss ice hockey team lost the opening match of the World Championships in Brampton against Canada 0: 4.
  • The two-time favorite hosts hit the power play.
  • Coach Colin Mueller’s team showed an attractive performance, especially in terms of defense.

As expected, Switzerland lost to the 12-time world champions. But coach Colin Mueller’s team put in a decent performance against the crushing Canadian team. Goalkeeper Andrea Brindley only had to concede 4 goals. On the one hand, thanks to the many marches they made, and on the other hand, to the people at the front who were convincing in a combative manner. However, the physical presence of the Swiss also brought many small punishments. This is revenge in the beginning.

  • 15 minutes: Sarah Nurse made it 2-0 with a majority.
  • 22 minutes: Rebecca Johnston uses a Senja Lyman penalty to make it 3-0.

Switzerland just missed a consolation target

As a result, Boxplay worked much better. Sarah Feller’s fourth goal came in the last minutes. On the other hand, the Swiss power play created very little risk. For 1:05 minutes, Müller’s team managed to act with a double advantage before Natalie Spooner (12) scored the opening goal.

Coach Mueller also had to take it. He was pinched and sustained a scratch under his left eye, but dealt with the incident with good humor.

The Swiss, for their part, did not get discouraged and kept looking for a university degree. Alina Marty failed before the end of the third third, alone in front of Anne-Rene Despens. Janine Hauser hit the post in the midsection after a pass from Alina Müller.

Eventually, however, the underdog presented itself with a harmless offensive form. The hit ratio (49:12) spoke in clear language.

This is how it goes

Switzerland, already qualified for the quarter-finals, will meet the United States on Good Friday (4:50 p.m. live), which is no less difficult part.

Live broadcast, 06.04.2023, 00:55;

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