May 23, 2024


Wolfpack finished ninth in Vancouver

Bastian van der Bosch was one of the top performers on a good second day in Vancouver for Wolfpack.

Returning to the World Rugby Sevens Series after twelve years of abstinence with the Canada 7s in Vancouver, the 7-man German national rugby team came in ninth. Having had to learn the hard way at the start of the tournament against hosts Canada and the USA, they missed the quarter-finals despite their clear victory over Chile, but on the second day of the tournament they followed victories over Mexico and Jamaica, which certainly meant a better result in the tournament. During a week in Edmonton (Canada), she gives hope.

“It was a good end to a tournament that started very difficult for us,” national team coach Damian McGrath said happily about the performance on the second day of the tournament. “We got off to a really tough start against Canada and the USA, where we barely got the ball in the first half. Those were good lessons for us to learn against the world series teams. But then we dominated Chile, Mexico and Jamaica on day two. We are now our best.” He has a break” and we have to find a way to get to the next level now. We don’t have a huge group of players like other countries, but we have a very dedicated group of talented players. If we play the way we do today, it will be possible to achieve more in the future. We are looking forward now We go back to the championship next week in Edmonton and hopefully we can present ourselves better there.”

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After completing the first day with apparent success, Wolfpack went to the semi-finals of the tour for places nine through twelve with a big chest. Mexico. And that is exactly what they have been doing from the start. Wolfpack acted very patiently and in a very controlled manner until there was a chance of getting points. Niklas Koch waited before the first attempt until Robin Blombe was in so good a position that he got a free ride under the bars – with Bastian van der Bosch increasing early leading 7-0 (2). Just two minutes later, Bloomby saw the gap again, opening the way for his increased second attempt. Mexico, for its part, found no way against the offensively vigilant German defense and had little to oppose it defensively. The fake pass was enough for Van der Bosch to make a free-round attempt (7), which was a 19-0 break.

And so it continued after the break. Mexico did not even appear in Germany’s 22m area throughout the match, while Germany managed to add four more attempts. First van der Bosch saw the gap again and lit the turbo for his second attempt, which he also increased this time (9). In the 11th minute, van der Bosch touched the ball to Sam Ringer, who put it on the far right to make it 31-0. In the final stage, Jonathon Dawe opened up on the left before Ranger crossed the left to Carlos Soteras Merz who made the last attempt at 41-0 and the highlight of this match.


The last ninth place match was even more obvious Jamaica. From the first minute it was clear in which direction this match was going. At no point in the match did Jamaica have anything to oppose to the German attack, and after receiving a yellow card and later in the second round a yellow-red card, they played two more times for the final roster. So it was not uncommon for a superior wolfpack to crack down with attempts. In the first round, Bastian van der Bosch (1st), Jonathon Dao (3rd and 4th) and Ben Ellermann (sixth) with their attempts plus Van der Bosch in three increments to 26:0 and with that the signs are already clear to win the first half.

Round two started with a great run almost the entire field of substitute Robin Plumby, who only turned around for the opponent and made a high attempt to 33:0 (8). Jonathon Dawe’s work was no less impressive a minute later, when he took the ball out of the opponent’s hand when on contact and then had free space to try. Ben Ellerman only had to dodge the referee en route for his second attempt (11). The Jamaicans almost gave up the resistance, so Manasa Sita lost two attempts and Bastian van der Bosch appealed with another and attendant raises to ensure the tournament was a top win with 66:0.


The German team was back on the big stage of 7-man Olympic rugby The first day of the tournament First you have to pay the hard way. Against hosts Canada and the USA, both of which are called the primary teams, Wolfpack hasn’t found an effective way to stand up to the fast-paced game of opponents or even to attack in a noteworthy way. So they lost first to Canada with 5:24 and then to the United States with 7:26. Only in the third group match were the Germans able to show their true potential. They put a real exclamation point against their “old” rival Chile, leaving South America hardly a chance for long periods and winning clearly and deservedly with 36:12. But in the end, it was not enough to reach the quarter-finals of the cup as at least one of the best third-place players in the group.

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