June 23, 2024

WLAN boxes struggle with protecting voice and data

WLAN boxes struggle with protecting voice and data

teofel holist s

The test winner Teufel Holist S was convincing in terms of voice and data protection and was the only model that did well overall (score 2.4) (from around €250). Photo: Alexis Lecomte / Stiftung Warentest / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

The test winner was Teufel Holist S. Overall, product testers rated “good” only three times for an individual sound rating. Eight boxes were reduced due to data protection deficiencies – either due to insufficient password security or obvious deficiencies in the General Data Protection Declaration or the data protection declaration relating to an integrated language assistant. In the end, only one speaker got a good overall rating.

Versatile and versatile

After all: the boxes are versatile, can be easily controlled via the app, and music can be played via Bluetooth or classical music via a jack cable as well as WiFi.

The winner of the test was the Teufel Holist S (250 euros), which convinced experts in terms of voice and data protection and was the only model with a good overall score (score 2.4).

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Few good sounds

Second place is shared by the Ikea Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker (Frame), which costs €179, and the Sony SRS-RA3000, which costs €243 (each with a rating of 2.7). The Bose portable smart speaker (330 euros) and Denon Home 150 (247 euros) received at least “good” in sub-tone.

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Product testers advise potential buyers to include the five good and still available WLAN boxes from the previous comparison (“test” version 4/21) in their decision.

The best of 2021

At the time, the Sonos Five which cost €556 (score 1.7) was the test winner, followed by the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex (score 2.2) for €450, and Yamaha’s Musiccast 20 which cost €213 (score 2.4).

At the time, the €400 Denon Home 250 and the €400 Harman Kardon Citation 500 (each rating 2.5) achieved a “good” score in product testing.