June 24, 2024

We will not send soldiers to Ukraine

The German federal government caused discontent within NATO. Because she does not want to see a new support project for Ukraine described as important. This causes a lack of understanding between the allies, as the German News Agency (dpa) found.

Berlin’s arguments against using the word were viewed by almost all other allies as an unnecessary consideration for Russia and incomprehensible, as the DPA learned from diplomats.

The federal government therefore takes the position that the name “NATO Mission in Ukraine” (NMU) could be mistakenly taken to mean that the Alliance wants to send soldiers to Ukraine. They say that she is therefore afraid that Russia will use her as propaganda against the alliance.

Alone on the barricades

On the other hand, proponents of the use of the term mission argue that the Kremlin will denounce the NATO project as somehow aggressive and use it in disinformation campaigns. It is incomprehensible that Germany is the only country that goes to the barricades because of this, especially since it says that it stands behind the project completely in terms of content.

According to information from the EPA, Berlin recently proposed naming the new project for Ukraine “PACT”. The letters will then stand for the “Assistance and Training Coordination Pledge” and thus express NATO’s desire to coordinate military assistance and training activities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the future. But it is unlikely that this name will be agreed upon due to the hardline stance of other countries. The decision can only be made by mutual consent.

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The State Department did not want to comment when asked by the EPA. A spokesman said that no information could be provided about the content of the secret negotiations. (DAP/EPA)