June 21, 2024

A man attacks a police officer with a knife in Vienna

As the Kronen Zeitung now reports, a similar incident almost occurred in Vienna at the end of May.

A video also circulating on social media shows how a man also wants to stab a police officer. The perpetrator points a knife at the officer’s neck.

According to the report, the blade bounced off the police officer’s stab-resistant vest. The victim sustained only minor injuries in the attack. Eventually, his colleagues were able to overpower the 41-year-old, who is said to be Jordanian, with the help of an electric shock.

Kron added that the man apparently wanted to shoot himself intentionally by the police. According to a police spokesman, he accepted the victims: “He didn’t care if the police officer died.”

By the way, the police were on duty in the Favorites area for a specific reason. Officials had previously been pelted with bottles, which is why the search was conducted.

As was the case in Mannheim, the Vienna attack took place in a recently established no-arms zone.

Austrian Interior Minister Gerhard Karner thanked the emergency services and wished the injured victim a speedy recovery.

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