June 21, 2024

Surprise in the library: Spoon bender Uri Geller returns the book after 47 years

Israeli-British magician Uri Geller stands in his museum next to a Cadillac covered in tableware he made himself.

Ilya Yefimovich / German News Agency

Nearly half a century later, a book by magician Uri Geller returns to a library in Israel. The story behind it is amazing.

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  • After 47 years, Uri Geller found a book he borrowed in Los Angeles in his storage room in Israel.
  • The book traveled around the world unnoticed in a box with it on the move several times.
  • Geller’s daughter was allowed to keep the book because the library no longer had the work in its collection.

Israeli magician and spoon maker Uri Geller, 77, found and returned a book from a Los Angeles library after 47 years, Der Spiegel reported.

While Geller was looking for covers for vases in his storage room in Israel, he unexpectedly found the book in a cardboard box. BBC Announce.

Geller had borrowed The Geller Papers, a work about his alleged paranormal abilities, in January 1977 to show a friend because he did not have a copy on hand.

A book that traveled halfway around the world

Unnoticed, the book accompanied Geller during his many moves around the world: from California to New York, then to Connecticut, then back to New York, to London, Massachusetts and finally to Israel.

“When I saw that, I immediately thought: ‘Wow, I’ve been through a lot in my life,'” Geller told the BBC. He sent the book to his daughter who lives near Los Angeles.

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The daughter must keep the book

She was afraid that she would have to pay a large fine. But the late return had no consequences. A BBC spokeswoman said the Los Angeles Public Library will no longer charge late fees.

“It was a pleasure to restore this iconic work from Uri Geller’s daughter,” she said. The daughter was even allowed to keep the book because it was no longer in the library’s stock. “It makes the whole thing even more special now that we can keep the book,” the daughter told the BBC.

Which proves once again: honesty is rewarded (sometimes).

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