February 25, 2024

Washing, defrosting and more: A giant robot is supposed to take care of the Norse Dreamliner

The operator of a Boeing 787 wants to have its planes washed, de-iced and inspected by a large automated system in the future. Norris is not the only Norwegian airline with this plan.

Norse Atlantic Airlines in Norway and its subsidiary in Great Britain operate the entire Dreamliner fleet. In the future, the 63-meter-long Boeing 787-9 will be operated by a large robotic system from Avinxt.

The plan: The facility will wash and defrost the plane, perform engine washes and perform some maintenance. “By using cameras and artificial intelligence to ‘scan’ aircraft for fuselage damage, Avinxt can pinpoint airframe damage with pinpoint accuracy within hours,” Norris explains in a statement about the new partnership.

Widerøe and Norwegian are also present

Avinxt wants to build its first facility at Oslo-Gardermoen Airport from 2024, but is also hoping for opportunities at London-Gatwick Airport via Norris. The company saves airlines time, costs and carbon dioxide2 Save using your own utilities.

Avinxt says it has also signed letters of intent with Widerøe and Norway regarding washing, defrosting and technical inspection. Widerøe Ground Handling has also signed a contract to operate the robot in Oslo-Gardermoen.

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