May 22, 2024

Volleyball's finest hour – after the “Golden Group”: NUC in the CEV Cup final – Sports

Volleyball's finest hour – after the “Golden Group”: NUC in the CEV Cup final – Sports – SRF

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  • Successful coup: Neuchâtel UC narrowly beat Groot Podolány Łódź (POL) and reached the CEV Cup final.
  • After winning the first leg 3-1, the volleyball players from Neuchâtel lost the second leg 3-1 at home.
  • In the decisive “Golden Set”, NUC maintained the upper hand and prevailed at 15:13.

The University of Neuchâtel has reached the final of the second highest European competition. In the semi-finals of the CEV Cup, the Swiss champion defeated Groot Podolany Lodz. After a surprise 3-1 win in the first leg, they improved their starting position thanks to a strong 'Golden Group'. This became necessary after the women of Neuchâtel also lost the second leg with a score of 1:3.

The decision has gone back and forth. For a long time no team was able to break away decisively. The match was close until 13:13. But then the women of Neuchâtel got the decisive two points, and reaching the final was a reality. The sold-out Riveraine Hall rocked – it was possible to celebrate success.

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In fact, the evening did not start well for the Neuchâtel girls. The first two sets went to the Poles with a score of 21:25. After winning the third round (25:17), another set win was enough for NUC to reach the final. But the fourth set was lost 23:25 – so the “golden set” was needed. There the Swiss kept the better end for themselves.

In doing so, the NUC is also making history. This is the first time that a Swiss team has reached the final since Konez 2003. The Bern team had lost the final of the previous competition. This year, Neuchâtel has the opportunity to go one step further.

In the final, NUC, coached by Swiss national coach Lauren Bertolacci, will face either the Italians from Cherry 76 or the French from Paris Saint-Cloud in mid-March. Cherry heads to the return match on Wednesday in the French capital after defeating its guest 3-2. Finals will be on 13/20. Planned for March, the women of Neuchâtel are sure to compete on home turf first.

Live broadcast on, 27 February 2024, 7:00 pm;

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