June 23, 2024

Victor Balson with Iceland vs Germany

Victor Balson with Iceland vs Germany

Hr Something similar to the prototype of a landing fighter. Victor Balson is firm, relentless on the field and isn’t shy about using his sharp elbows. By nature, he is a leader because he leads his team-mates on tour through the games and is setting himself the best example. Not surprisingly, Palson was particularly in demand when ‘Lilies’ recently changed their playful direction completely.

When they put together a solid strategy of avoiding risks instead of the 23 days of the match, which was often beautiful, but often unsuccessful, in possession of the ball. Three days and seven points later, SV Darmstadt 98 identified a clear path to remain in Division Two. Palson came out as a fan of the defensive comeback 4-2-3-1. The squad that coaches Dirk Schuster and Demetrius Gramozis have preferred since they started at Böllenfalltor at the start of 2019 – and which head coach Marcus Anfang has now moved to.

Palsson has another powerful space-blocking partner, Nikolai Rapp, in defensive midfield. Rap says of Palson that he is a “leader”. Palsson appreciates Rapp’s existence because he believes in the formula: Six by six means more safety. You don’t have to think too much, says Palson, about the previously higher profile of SVD professionals’ requirements under the original approach.

“Not that special game”

Icelandic, who also has fun qualities, is pre-engineered for this type of football. Especially since this is anything but simplified professionalism in its sometimes controversial nature can provoke opponents. Whether it be Thursday evening (8.45pm at the FAZ World Cup Qualifiers live tape and on RTL), when Palsson changes worlds, Germany’s best player will also piss him off? Palson is part of the Iceland squad that is calling on the German Football Association to launch the World Cup qualifiers in Duisburg.

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