June 21, 2024

Lewis Hamilton and the Human Rights Question

Lewis Hamilton and the Human Rights Question

TheHamilton asked Formula 1 to ensure compliance with human rights. The seven-time world champion said Thursday evening at a press conference in Bahrain: “We should not ignore what is happening in countries (where he leads Formula 1, d.) And spend quality time there.” It responded to allegations by human rights activists from Bahrain and Great Britain that the royal government was using series of races to “whitewash” and did not respond to calls for help from torture victims.

Syed Ahmed Al-Wadaei, director of the Bahrain Institute for Law and Democracy (BIRD), and 61 British MPs from various parties explained this link in an open letter to the new CEO of Formula 1 Department, Stefano Domenicali, among others calling for: Formula 1 should initiate An investigation because there is a direct relationship between protests by government opponents against race as a political tool and human rights violations. Accordingly, opposition members have been imprisoned for criticizing Formula 1. Including an eleven-year-old boy.

Formula 1 dismisses claims

Domenicali dismissed the claim in a written response to Al-Wadaei on Thursday. “Formula 1 is not a cross-border investigative organization. We are sporting rights holders and we have an important duty to promote our sport in harmony around the world. Unlike governments and other agencies, we cannot take the action that you have requested, and it would not be appropriate to pretend we can.”

Domenicali said Formula 1 takes its responsibility in these matters very seriously. Our human rights policy is very clear. Formula 1 teams pledge to respect internationally recognized human rights in their work. We have made our position clear to all of our partners and host countries. ”This includes respecting human rights in organizing and carrying out events.

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BIRD Director Syed Ahmed Al-Wadaei Domenicali recommended after his response to the review of Formula 1’s position. Al-Wadaei responded in writing to a request from FAZ saying: “It is disappointing that F1 has categorically refused to examine the requests of 61 lawmakers and 24 leading human rights groups to conduct an investigation into human rights violations related to To race in Bahrain. ” It does not accept that Formula 1 does not have the resources or ability to conduct such an investigation. “

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