June 21, 2024

Valentino Rossi (21st): "There is no doubt about the tires" / MotoGP

Valentino Rossi (21st): “There is no doubt about the tires” / MotoGP

Valentino Rossi had already complained about rear wheel problems in Qatar on Friday from training. The Italian didn’t rush into the qualifiers either. He had to tackle the Doha Grand Prix from the 21st on the net.

Valentino Rossi already doubted after the second training session of the Grand Doha that he would not have an easy match in the qualifiers. However, the nine-time world champion was hoping for the second quarter. But instead of moving forward, he finally had to settle for 21st place on the net. For comparison: teammate Franco Morbidley made the tenth fastest lap in the second quarter.

“We tried to improve the feeling in the back, but we suffered a lot again. I had no grip when accelerating,” the 115-time Grand Prix winner complained later in his media debate. “I had a lot of trouble and my pace wasn’t good either. Even with the new tires, I never felt like I was fast enough in the Qualifiers. Last week I was still so quick on the new tires, ”he asked.

“We will try to find something to keep them alive for longer, of course,” Rossi added with sorrow, “but I’m not fast enough anyway.” He knows: “It will be difficult in the race, I have to start from the back and we have to analyze everything now and try something different tomorrow. Then we will see where we land.”

Despite all the concerns, the 42-year-old did not want to describe the Grand Doha final training session as the worst qualifier of his Speedway career. “It wasn’t the worst quality for me,” he said, laughing. “I think I’ve seen worse with Ducati.”

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“I had a lot of trouble with the rear wheel, in the third training session I was a little slower with the hard tires in tough conditions, but my pace was similar to that in the afternoon. When I got the caster tire, for some reason the rear tire was pushed very hard. After that I didn’t pay off because I also had a lot of vibrations. “I had the impression that the tire was overheating and that I wasn’t fast enough,” Rossi said.

The Petronas Yamaha star did not want to assure that he would cope better with a stiffer tire: “I don’t think I need a stiffer tire. The mix is ​​the same for everyone, and if other players can handle it then we have to do that too. So it’s not a tire issue. “.

Doha-GP, MotoGP, Q2:

1. Martin, Ducati 1: 53 106 min
2. Zarco, Ducati, 1: 53.263 minutes, + 0.157 seconds
3. Phinalis, Yamaha, 1: 53,267, + 0.161
4. Miller, Ducati, 1: 53303, +0197
5. Quarteraro, Yamaha, 1: 53.469, + 0.363
6. Bagnaya, Ducati, 1: 53.654, + 0.548
7. Alex Espargaro, Aprilia, 1: 53.705, + 0.599
8. Renz, Suzuki, 1: 53,754, +0,639
9. Mir, Suzuki, 1: 53.785, + 0.679
10. Morbidly, Yamaha, 1: 53.794, + 0.688
11. Bradel, Honda, 1: 54224, +1118
12. Oliveira, KTM, 1: 55.096, + 1.990

The rest of the starting network:
13. Marini, Ducati, 1: 54.228 minutes
14- Alex Marquez Honda 1: 54261
15. Paul Espargaro, Honda, 1: 54402
16- Nakagami, Honda, 1: 54, 481
17. Petrucci, KTM, 1: 54.528
18. Binder, KTM, 1: 54555
19. Bastianini, Ducati 1: 54632
20. Lecuona, KTM, 1: 54731
21. Russian, Yamaha, 1: 54,881
22- Savadore, Aprilia, 1: 55823

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