March 2, 2024

Ukraine’s accession to the European Union could cost up to 17% of the EU budget

The costs of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union could range between 130 and 190 billion euros, according to a study by the German Economic Institute (IW). This amount will have a significant impact on the European Union’s multi-year budget, which amounts to about eleven trillion euros for the period from 2021 to 2027, the portal wrote. Telepolis.

The study says that if Ukraine joins the European Union, up to 17 percent of the EU budget could flow into the country. The study’s authors explain that Ukraine, as a densely populated and poor agricultural country, would receive large-scale funding from the EU budget.

The exact cost depends on various factors, including assumptions regarding the area of ​​arable land in Ukraine and the population. In their calculations, the authors assume that agricultural support amounts to seventy to ninety billion euros for Ukraine. In addition, between fifty and ninety billion euros will be spent on the so-called cohesion policy. It works to support structurally weak regions in growth and compensate for economic and social differences in European regions.

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