June 19, 2024

UK: Artwork resembles "Harry Potter" Toby

UK: Artwork resembles “Harry Potter” Toby

Artworks are very rare in zoos. Now a small animal was born in Chester, England, reminiscent of a character from the Harry Potter universe.

The nickname is not hard to come by: the English-born Artwork is famous for its resemblance.Harry Potter– House-elf nicknamed “Toby” by staff at the Chester Zoo.

“When we saw the cub near its mother, we noticed that it was very similar to the Harry Potter character Toby,” team manager Dave White said at the zoo.

Currently, calves with large, drooping ears are regularly fed by animal keepers. “Artwork parents are notorious for being a bit strained with newborns,” said expert White. “Because the calf is so small and fragile, we protect it from accidental rustling by feeding it until the calf is a little stronger.”

Artwork was born there for the first time in the zoo’s 90 – year history. Toby’s parents, Oni and Goose, are eight and six, respectively. Animals are rare worldwide: According to the Chester Zoo, only 66 artworks live in European zoos, while there are about 110 worldwide.

Nocturnal animals are originally from sub-Saharan Africa, but are considered endangered because of their distinctive noses, which expel termites and ants, which then lick their 25-centimeter-long tongues. Have to eat them.

The gender of Artwork, who was born in Chester in early January, has yet to be identified – in a few weeks, when “Toby” will be a little older. However, removing the nickname can be difficult.

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